Who Am I and How You Can Benefit From My Help

Customer Value Optimization Specialist
Sergio Rodz
Customer Acquisition Specialist

What We Can Do For You and Your Business

Based in Tampa, Florida, Web Response Marketing is a service provider for specific areas that give you the best results on acquiring new leads, which then turn into customers, using our proprietary marketing funnel methods.

All it takes is a specific marketing plan that can bring results based on your needs. We can help you with our Proven-to-Convert Campaigns, Websites and Strategies.

We want to make sure the Traffic that’s coming to your Website is converting and doing what it’s supposed to be doing – providing an Income for you.

We build Long Term Relationships, just ask our customers. We want to work with you for years and watch you and your business grow. You can always get in touch with one of us when you need to.

These Are Some of the Areas My Team and I Will Cover for You:
* Discovering how do you rank compared to your toughest competitors

* Help on ranking your videos through proven video marketing

* How you become an authority on your niche

* How to set up your mobile website to attract more leads & keep customers coming back.

* How to develop & structure correctly your first website

* How to redesign and make your website more effective to get more customers.

* What are your customers reviews saying about you and how to handle them.

* And much more! Give us a call at 813-270-2598 Eastern Time