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website audits

Website Audits

An audit can be a great way of identifying potential problems which might be impacting your business website online before it becomes more complicated. 

It also allows you to identify areas for improvement (and make them happen) by looking at how users are using the site, what problems are occurring and making changes to try to correct those issues.

Website Ranking Audits

Website ranking is a huge part of the Internet. The majority of these websites were created by people who had no idea how to write a good website or do a proper SEO audit. There are some great resources out there that will teach you how to do a proper SEO audit, but most of them will not cover new ideas or techniques that change the way you do your business.

Google My Business & Reviews Audits

In the last few years, online reviews have become an indispensable part of almost every online service. They are a symbol of trust and a trusted voice, both of which are crucial to your product’s success.

• These reviews can help you understand your users better (and get the most out of them).
• They provide valuable feedback about your product and its features

But there is, unfortunately, a downside too:
• Reviews can be expensive and hard to manage. They take up a lot of resources and time that could be better spent on other things like servicing your customers and letting the pros do their job optimizing your Google My Business and Reviews.

local directories

Local Directories Audits

Local directories are a great way to make it easier for small businesses to get their products in front of a broad audience.

Having discovered tons of useful information through their reviews, local directories offer the assurance that users who need help will be able to find it quickly and easily.

Local directories can provide very valuable real-world feedback on how well your product or services are accepted into your market niche — which is extremely important.

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