Local Business Marketing
External Marketing Director Services
Imagine Being Able to Delegate All Your Dental Marketing Tasks to Your External Marketing Director That Will Be Generating New Patients for You 24 Hrs a Day 7 Days a Week While You Do Your Best: Work on the Clinical Side Getting Patients Healthier & Happier!
The Dental Business Intelligence System
The “Done for You” External Marketing Director Services!

1.0 Full Service AdWords /Bing PPC Management

Successful Google AdWords & Bing campaigns are the foundations of any profitable online marketing initiative.

Unlike many agencies, we don’t require long term contracts. If you’re business is spending (or willing to spend) at least $2500 / month on Google AdWords and/or Bing, there’s a good chance our team can significantly increase the profitability of your campaigns.


2.0 Local Business Directories

Your business needs more control of local online content and to increase the ability to highlight vital information about your products and services.

Real-time updates are just as important for non-emergency situations. During the holidays, for example, offices updated their daily hours of operation that served up in search engine listings across the Web. Our service can update emergency messages across more than 70+ online properties in real-time.

3. "Done for Your Client” Internal Marketing Services

Businesses/Health Practices don’t market to their own patients enough. Even when they make efforts to do so, time is a big factor as to why this doesn't happen.

Whether it's calling them, mailing or emailing them. Same thing. Same problem.

This package we’ll show you how to run an internal marketing campaign and create a customized campaign for a good or service you’d like to do more of. This package also includes tips on how to track these campaigns and prove that it was worth the efforts of your team to run them.

4. Referral Incentive – Get The Staff To ASK For The Referral

Need more Referrals for your client to build your value? Each new patient/client is worth $1,000in the first year alone. How many are your clients missing out on because their staff won’t even ask a simple question?

This incentive will get their staff to start asking for more referrals as well as give you a framework to guarantee that they’ll start coming in. One new client/patient referral attained pays for this package.

Includes: Step by step guide on how to create this incentive for staff members. Time with us via telephone or video chat discussing this plan, how to implement it, the power of gifts vs rewards and how to educate the staff on running this program.

5. Front Desk Telephone Incentive

Are you missing out on New Patient/Cients Calls because of a lack of staff motivation to connect every call? This incentive plan will increase your client’s new clients/patients without spending any additional $ on marketing and will give them the motivation to get more new customers in the door. If a new client/patient is worth $1,000, one extra new patient in the first month more than pays for this package.

6. On Site Post Assessment Consultation

Meet with you, over the phone or via skype. We’ll provide you and your staff with a state of the union report. What's working, what's not, what needs to be reinforced, what needs to be cancellled to avoid further waste of your investment. It's basically a marketing assessment of the Office.
Give you the Productivity & Efficiency Reports for the Office, ID problems seen that will be obstacles to the practice’s growth, and solutions and strategies created to address these problems/issues.

7. Consulting Time
Review Monthly Reports (Every 3 months)

The purpose of the monthly reports are to identify ID patterns, discuss problems seen, and then discuss solutions to those problems found. We recommend quarterly reviews, as those will show you the most information, patterns will start to form and you’ll have the most accurate numbers for discussion. First Month Report Pricing Options for Consulting:

8. Marketing Idea Consulting –

with Sergio Rodz
Discuss and review ROI, campaign success to date, ideas for other marketing, and new things to try and test.