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Local Directories

Get listed and be found on the most important online directories. Use that to your advantage to bring more customers to you and make more money.

Why Should You Be Listed on Local Directories?

Local business directories are a relatively new phenomenon in the online world, but they have slowly been making their way into the business landscape in the last few years. 

They have taken off in recent years because of the convenience and utility of being able to find small businesses like yours or mine. 

There are millions of local businesses out there with their own websites; why not allow potential clients to find you in a local directory? 

local directories

There are several benefits that come from having your own directory. 

One is that you can use your website to promote what you do and how well you’re doing it. Another advantage is being able to check your customer’s reactions to your services and products, build relationships with them, and learn more about what they want.

Another advantage is being able to run advertising on your website (probably as part of SEO) that leads people to a directory. 

Having sites like Yelp, Google Places and Google Maps allows for some competitive advantages over competitors who aren’t part of these directories.

We believe that having a local business directory is an important benefit, we also think it is important for you to know:

How many local, national and regional directories is your business listed at?

What type of comments (positive or negative) are people writing about on those listings?

How many reviews do you have on them?

Have you answered them properly and on time?

We offer an audit to determine how many directories – among the most important ones – are you listed on and most importantly: do they show your correct business name, address, and phone number or are they all over the place with incomplete or erroneous info?

If there are any irregularities, we fix them for you.

If you are not listed among the most important ones, we create a new listing for you so you can benefit from it, then we provide a final analytics report so you know where to stand.

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